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Kid's Skills

What Is Kid's Skills?

Kid’s Skills is a Solution Focused approach of removing problems by advocating learning of skills in a playful and practical way. Kid’s Skills is a Step-by-Step process of assisting kids and youth to become more self-motivated and responsible of the skills they should learn. This can be applied in the children and youth ranging from ages 4 to 12 and can be used in kindergartens, schools, homes, special schools and institutions.

Kid’s Skills has been successfully used places like Finland, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Iran and many other parts of Europe.

The Kid’s Skills Program was co-developed by renowned Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, author and co-Director of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, Dr. Ben Furman who also has his own talk show in Finland to educate the public on how to deal with problems in a more effective and Solution Focused way.

Benefits of Kid's Skills?

  • Fun and Interactive
  • Engaging students to challenge themselves to become better
  • Collaborative method to build solutions
  • Foster better relationships between youths and people around the kid
  • Using strength based approach to deal with issues and challenges
  • Solution building for Kid’s rather than problem focused
  • Solution focused approach to deal with issues and challenges
  • Collaborative effort between youths and their supporters to get results
  • Working with what already works
  • Taking small steps to making long lasting and positive changes
  • Effective even with children with psychiatric challenges
  • Step-by-step for long lasting results

Apply effective and fun - Kid's Skills in your work as:

Parent To foster better relationships and communication with children and to nurture them to become more responsible
School Teacher To creatively engage students to learn new skills and raise performance and morale of entire class
Kindergarten / Pre-school Teacher To inject fun and positive interaction among children to learn new skills more effectively
Principal To create more desirable, positive and effective culture to raise morale of both teachers and students
Counselor To apply proven and structured methodology to facilitate positive changes in children and youth
Youth Worker To expand your tool box and get better results with children, teenagers and students


"One little step backwards helps you make a big leap forward."

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