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WOWW (Working On What Works)


WOWW stands for Working on What Works! WOWW is an innovative program designed to enhance the quality of education in the classroom. The major methodology behind this approach is derived from the work on Solution-Building Practices as developed by Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and has since been translated into 14 languages.

Instead of the traditional approach of removing a difficult child from the classroom for individual attention to address problematic behaviours that disrupt the entire class, WOWW intervenes at the classroom level, a natural and familiar setting for teachers and students.

WOWW responds to the needs of teachers to find workable teaching activities that are based on respectful and collaborative approaches between student and teacher. It utilises what is already in the classroom without disrupting usual classroom procedures and without singling out the problem child.


WOWW seeks to improve the learning environment in the classroom, where teachers, students and coaches work together to impart knowledge to students without having to neither burden teachers with additional chores nor cause any disruption to teachers teaching in class.

By the end of the WOWW Program:

  • Students are able to behave better
  • Students become more cooperative in class
  • Students can help each other
  • Students can set their own goals
  • Teachers can complete curriculum
  • Teachers will have better rapport with students
  • Teachers can compliment positive behaviour
  • Students and teachers can set goals together for learning

Why is solution focused approach useful?

Firstly the Solution Focused Approach searches for strengths thus creating a positive environment around the situation opening more opportunities for discussion and intervention.

Attempting to understand that change is challenging helps to address the subjective and often emotional aspect of managing behaviours thus having better effect on the process of change.

We believe that learning is self-achievement. We cannot cause learning. “Education” is not in the first place a transfer of knowledge but to accompany learning. – Unknown

Benefits of WOWW

The WOWW program has been proven useful for many schools with children and youths of various ages and has brought about the following:

  • Better behaviour in the classroom
  • Better academic performance
  • Better communication between teachers and students
  • Better morale among teachers and students
  • More enthusiasm for lessons
  • Reduction in number of absentees
  • Reduction in drop out rates
  • Reduction of student referrals to disciplinarian or counsellor
  • Create a more enjoyable learning environment
  • Create more learning opportunities
  • Creating a more positive learning environment
  • Collaborative efforts between students and teachers towards goals
  • Improved relationship among students and teachers
  • Increased esteem

"Fixing weaknesses isn’t development. It’s damage control. And damage control is a poor strategy for elevating the employee or the organization to world class performance."

Buckingham and CliRon

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