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Take Charge! Reinvigorate Your Career


The Take Charge! - Reinvigorate your career for Professionals helps participants to recover the quality of life by rediscovering their personal vision and purpose. As the environment changes rapidly, we need to audit the changes within us as well. We need to take ownership for our career management and initiate life direction and work content alterations.


This 2-day interactive programme is targeted to introduce professionals to career development and support tools, so that they can achieve their personal goals as they contribute to the organization’s productivity. Some of the most desirable outputs of career management include:

  • Change of attitude from employer dependency to career self-reliance.
  • Compile a record of their primary wants, preferred skills, motivated interests, core values and job role content preferences.
  • Sort out their real from their perceived constraints in achieving work life goals.
  • Prepare a detailed Career Action Step Proposal with strategies to address their realities and concerns.
  • Work out alternative options for their career direction.
  • Compile a portfolio ready to help implement their desired career action step.
  • Connect their personal goals to opportunities and resources around them.


At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the new partnership, which requires employees to take responsibility for managing their careers. In return, the organization will provide employees with on-going support and career development opportunities that will build on their realistic career aspirations.

Program Methodology

This comprehensive and highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of presentation, self-discovery exercises, breakout practices, and case studies discussion. We will adopt an Accelerated Learning approach in our facilitation and will engage the participants in a group coaching format.

Program Customization

Course customisation is possible, in fact recommended. This will ensure that we address your key needs and challenges and position the workshop and its contents to enhance the overall objective of the workshop.

Program Synopsis

Day One – Career Management - Self Discovery

  • Introduction & Engaging the team
  • Your Objectives
  • F3 Model – Fun, Fulfillment & Finance
  • Steps to managing your career
  • Analyzing your situation
  • Identifying your preferred skills
  • What are your work satisfiers?
  • Your career planning values
  • Your preferred work settings

Day Two – Career Management in Action

  • Interpreting the data
  • Exploring the information resources
  • Identifying your constraints
  • Your self-discovery summary
  • Success on your own terms
  • Your career options
  • Opportunity awareness
  • Decision learning

Workshop Duration

2 days

"The art of being wise……is the art of knowing what to overlook."

William James

Let's connect and co-create a customized program together.

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