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Years of research have shown that individuals and teams playing to their Strengths significantly outperform those who don’t. In a Gallup study of more than 8,000 teams, involving hundreds of thousands of employees, teams whose members feel they have the opportunity to play to their Strengths every day are 50% more likely to work in business units with lower employee turnover, 38% more likely to work in more productive business units, and 44% more likely to work in business units with higher customer satisfaction scores. Despite all this data indicating the value of engaging Strengths, research also indicates that less than 17% of people within the workplace play to their Strengths most of the time.

What It Is

Strengths Essentials is a “workshop in a box” that provides everything you need to understand the Strengths Philosophy, identify your unique Strengths so that you can make your greatest contribution at work. This fun interactive session challenges you to increase your self-awareness and provides you with the tools to help you leverage your Strengths.

Who Should Participate?

HR professionals, managers or leaders who want to understand and maximize their individual Strengths and those of their team members.

Workshop Content

Why Strengths? Learn the research that demonstrates why playing to your Strengths will enable you to be your most productive.
Myths & Truths Discuss the challenges associated with implementing a Strengths-based approach and how to overcome them.
Identifying your Strengths Explore the 4 SIGNs of a Strength and learn the process for identifying your unique Strengths.
Strengths at Play Determine the steps you will take to proactively spend more time leveraging your Strengths in your work.

What'x in the box?


Participant Guide
A workbook with a series of activities designed to help individuals understand their Strengths

Strength Wheel
Interactive tool detailing the SIGNs of a Strength

Strengths Sort Card Deck
A simple tool to help people identify their specific Strengths

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Workshop Duration

1 day

"Change is happening all the time……our role is to identify useful change and amplify it."

Gregory Bateson

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