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Leader As Coach

Solution Focused Brief Coaching Advanced Series

Leader as Coach is a new series of action-learning coach training targeted at managers and leaders who want to sharpen and advance their coaching skills to become more effective Coaches. It is centered on four two-day modules, where you will learn how to:

  • Apply the principles of solution focused brief coaching for lasting impact
  • Enhance your coaching repertoire with new and powerful coaching tools
  • Deploy advanced coaching concepts and appreciative inquiry within teams and organizations
  • Work with appreciative ideas in everyday management contexts, including performance management, delegation, feedback and feed forward
  • Discover how the distinctive solution focused brief approach compares with other coaching models

This training promise to be an energizing experience for you and you will take away new skills that you can apply back at your workplace immediately.

Harness the positive power of the Solution Focused Brief Coaching if you are a:
Leader Looking to sharpen your coaching and leadership skills
Manager wanting to raise awareness and generate responsibilities for action
Trainer Desiring more positive, impactful and enjoyable programmes
Facilitator Needing structured, creative, fluent and engaging workshops
Mentor Looking for ‘how to’ skills to get better results with mentees

Workshop Content

Module 1: Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions panel

A two-day practical introduction to Solution Focused Brief Coaching with Asia’s leading Strength-based Coach and Facilitator, Simon Lee.

This first live training module will enable you to experience and start using the powerful simplicity of Brief Coaching right away. This approach is proven to work fast and effectively in the most challenging situations. It is fun to learn and can be adapted to many different settings.

Key topics covered in Module I include:

  • Building on your existing competencies and discover how you can be most useful to your clients or employees
  • Experiment with 3 essential elements of a Brief coaching conversation and a set of coaching cards
  • Deploy the magic of scaling questions as a powerful tool within a wide range of situations – e.g. when employees are facing a conflict situation
Module 2: Building Your Coaching Competencies

In the second two-day live training module join your tutors, peer group and fellow managers to build your skills through case studies, activities and conversation. Discover how you can apply the solution focused brief coaching approach to your own work.

Contents include:

  • Clarifying your current level of competency
  • Exploring the usefulness and consequences of desired future actions
  • Use the unique appreciative tools to build positive change in a wide range of work settings
  • Core Competencies for Effective coaching
  • Where to apply your focus – different ways to use SF to make progress at work
Module 3: Practical Applications of Coaching

This third two-day live workshop will be an Action-Learning Module where participants will work on a real-life project. Face-to-face coaching sessions by you and for you, to keep you focused, motivated and learning throughout the programme.

As well as getting personal coaching on issues of your choice, your coaching assignment builds up your hours of practice and experience.

Exercises and Coaching tools used include:

  • Live coaching sessions with reviews & feed forward
  • Assessment Instruments, EQ-I and VIA Character Strengths Analysis
  • Reflecting Team Formats for Team Coaching
  • Spotting and building Strengths in Teams and Organizations
  • Team Coaching tools – 5 Key Questions Every Leader Must Ask
Module 4: Advanced Aspects of Coaching

This fourth two-day live training will be centered on Strong Coaching techniques

In this advanced module, topics covered will include handling difficult conversations, coaching conundrums, live coaching sessions with reviews and other new wave approaches.

You will review your coaching progress to date and we will rehearse you for forthcoming challenges.

Contents include:

  • Review of Solution Focused Core Coaching Competencies
  • Live coaching sessions with reviews
  • Performance management conversations
  • The power of responsiveness – improvisation as a key skill
  • Appreciative Inquiry and other Strengths Revolution
  • Coaching for specific leadership challenges and capacities

As well as the live trainings, you will receive:

  • A full set of programme notes and other materials.
  • A Coaching Tool Kit with Appreciative SCORE Cards

This programme is a compelling mix of presentations and activities, each step building your knowledge and skills. You’ll apply the tools and concepts to case studies and your own real-life work issues. This means your skills will improve fast, enabling you to put your learning to good use immediately.

At the end of the program, you will be awarded a Solution Focused Practitioner Certificate. Completion of this program can count towards qualifying requirement of the Certified Solution Focused Coach program accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.

"In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilites. In the expert’s mind, there are few."

Zen, Suzuki, 1970

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