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Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC)

Overview Of Modules

Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Solution Focused Brief Coaching CSFC - Certified Solution Focused Coach

Module SF101: Principles of Solution Focused Approach
  • Theoretical background of the Solution-Focused Approach
  • Assumptions, Philosophy and Principles of SF
  • Skills and techniques in conducting solution focused interviews: Miracle Question, Exceptions finding Question, Scaling Question, Formulating Feedback and Tasks
  • Protocol of Solution Focused Approach
  • Demonstrations and role plays
Module SF211: Solution Focused Coaching Framework
  • Solution Focused in Organisations
  • Coaching Principles and Coaching Models
  • Solution Focused Tools – start to put them into practice
  • The Solution Focused Coaching Model – coaching with an organisational slant Core Competencies for Effective coaching
  • Where to apply your focus – different ways to use SF to make progress at work
Module SF212: Solution Focused Applications
  • Live coaching sessions with reviews & feed forward
  • Assessments and 360 Feedback
  • Solution Focused Performance Management
  • Solution Focused Conflict Management
  • Coaching Applications – start to build solutions in coaching conversations
  • Coaching in Challenging Situations
Module SF301: Field Case Presentation I
  • Personal Coaching and Project Work
  • Assessment on conducting solutions focused interviews
  • Participant has to present one video or audio-taped coaching session with minimum 20 minutes transcripts demonstrating your competency and application of the solution-focused approach for assessment
Module SF213: Extending the Solution Focused Practice
  • Project Reviews & Presentations
  • Review of Coaching Competencies and the SF Catalytic Questions
  • Finding and building Know-how in Teams and Organisations
  • Team Coaching tools – Solution-Circle, the Power of Groups and more
  • Appreciative Inquiry and other New Wave Approaches
  • Coaching for specific leadership challenges and capacities
Module SF215: Building a Coaching Practice, Marketing & Ethical Guidelines
  • Coaching Practice Situations
  • Developing a Coaching Practice
  • Creating a Coaching Culture in Organisations – Recipe for Success
  • Measuring the ROI of coaching
  • Case Studies & Coaching Supervision
  • Ethical Standards for Coaching
  • Coaching Competencies – ICF, CCPC & AC Competencies compared
Module SF303: Capstone Field Case Presentation II
  • Final Assessment on conducting solution focused coaching
  • Participant has to present one video or audio-taped coaching session with a minimum 30 minutes transcripts including a micro-analysis, demonstrating your competency and application of solution-focused approach for assessment
  • Action Learning

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