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VIA Character Strengths Analysis

The VIA PRO - Learn What’s Best About You

Knowing our personal character strengths –– what’s best about us as human beings –- is powerful knowledge. It lets us understand and nurture what’s right with us versus our faults. This idea is the essence of positive psychology.

Our signature (top) strengths are unique to each of us and powerfully affect our decisions, preferences and actions in life. Know it or not, we all live by our signature strengths. Intentionally expressing signature strengths in our close relationships, work, and communities can be deeply satisfying. It is: “living out loud."

The VIA PRO Character Strengths Report was developed to scientifically measure a person’s character strengths. It provides a closer look at a person's character strengths through the use of 5 Graphs, description of key research around certain character strengths, ways to explore strengths, a description of the overuse and underuse of highest strengths, and a description of the most recent interventions for building each of the 24 strengths of character.

The VIA PRO emerged from a panel of leading experts in the world of strengths; their comments, suggestions, and judgments have been invaluable.

Who is the VIA PRO for?

It is for anybody that wishes to take a deeper dive into their own character strengths, while learning about what the latest science has to say. Psychologists and coaches use it with clients, business consultants and executive coaches with leadership groups, managers/supervisors with employees, and professors/ teachers with students.

Benefits of the VIA PRO

The VIA PRO Character Strengths Report provides: 

  • Character Strengths in Rank Order Graph with Numeric Value
  • Signature Strengths Graph and In-Depth Review including:
    • What research says about the individual's Signature Strengths
    • How to explore these Strengths
    • Novel ways to use these Strengths
    • Overuse of Strengths
    • Underuse of Strengths
  • Core Virtues Graph and Questions to Explore
  • Circumplex Graph showing where strengths lie on the head/heart and self/other continuum
  • Exercises for Strengths Building

The VIA PRO Reports are fast becoming one of the most important tools in business today. The tools help identify and illustrate your unique constellation of 24 strengths of character. You’ll walk away confident in your understanding of the Classification and knowledgeable about the research base. You’ll practice applying specific interventions that will allow you to increase your effectiveness.

"If you want to move up the ladder faster, align your own professional goals with the company’s goals."

For a sample of the VIA PRO Character Strengths Report, please contact us at learn@briefacademy.com

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