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DISC Behavioural Profile Assessments


Have you wondered what makes you tick and what ticks you off? Did you know that by understanding the personality type of oneself and others, you can motivate and mobilize them in a better way and move them to greater levels of success?

DISCĀ® is the original, most used and most validated, personal behavioural assessment tool used by more than 50 million people all over the world to improve their lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication skills.


Aim of this workshop is to understand oneself, and to understand other personality types so that one can improve ones interactive skills.

At the end of the workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the 4 major personality profiling types
  • Identify what personality type the participant is
  • Appreciate differences of personality types
  • Communicating effectively with various personality types
  • Coach the various personality types

Course content

  • Understanding DISC Profiling Tool
  • Traits of D-Dominant, I-Innovative, S-Steady & C-Conscientious
  • Detailed analysis of each personality type
  • Motivating and De-motivating factors
  • Blending and Tempering
  • Flexing
  • Identify and magnify the strengths of individuals
  • Effective Communication with each personality
  • Coaching the 4 Personality types
  • Introduction to Solution Focused Ideas

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