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CSFC to PCC Upgrade Program for Graduates of CCPC only

Date Apr 2017 to Sep 2017
Venue Singapore
Fees USD4000
Early bird n/a


Prior to Dr Peter Szabo’s arrival in Singapore, Simon Lee will assist participants for the examination with ‘live’ Master-class practices. In the process, participants will prepare 2 recordings (30 min) and transcripts to be submitted to Dr Peter Szabo for readiness evaluation. This must be done by July 2017. Dr Peter Szabo will: • listen to the tapes and give participants some feedback (30 min) – via teleconference on in Aug 2017 or in some cases, in a personal one-on-one skype call. The format of the 2-day ‘live’ examination will be: • 1 hour actual exam (live with a MCC/PCC and Dr Peter Szabo in person) • Immediate review of the ‘live’ coaching evaluation • Result/recommendation post-examination.

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